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Types of furniture

Chests of drawers
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Furniture for children
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Furniture for kitchen
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Office furniture
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Bedroom furniture
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Walls for living room
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Coffee tables
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Computer tables
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Writing Tables
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Sliding cases
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Mattresses orthopedic and spring mattresses
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Corner cupboards
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Bar chairs
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Garden furniture
Buy garden furniture in the online store Citymöö | garden furniture buy cheap | garden furniture from rattan | garden furniture sale.
Furniture for the garden will make your home area more cozy and comfortable for relaxation thanks to outdoor furniture. The online store Citymöö offers for your choice garden furniture for country houses and country houses, garden swings, garden tables and garden chairs, garden benches and deckchairs, pavilions, awnings, garden umbrellas for relaxation.

To hide from the hot sun or a sudden rain on the site, it is not necessary to enter the house. Protect from bad weather will help the garden pavilion, which can completely replace the stationary garden arbor. Most models are equipped with mosquito nets, so in the evenings you can enjoy the outdoors and not be afraid of mosquitoes and midges, and curtains are used as a decorative element. Awnings for the garden or travel to the countryside - the most mobile designs that you can take with you on a picnic and when the cold comes quickly to clean. Also online store garden furniture Citymööbel offers a simple double swing, covered with awning and stylish triple models with curtains, mosquito nets and designer cushions for a real decoration of your garden.

Furniture for terraces, verandas and garden
Any meal is tastier in the fresh air and to enjoy delicious tea or lunch in your garden, you just need to buy garden furniture from wood, plastic or rattan. The garden kit can include chairs and a table, together with a sofa, an armchair or poufs. Such furniture for a garden or furniture for a summer residence can be put on a terrace or directly in the garden. Manufacturers of garden furniture expect that materials can last a very long time and not lose the quality and color of furniture in the fresh air. In the online garden furniture store you can choose garden benches and tables, chairs and chairs. If you prefer classics, then appreciate the furniture from natural wood. A more refined view of the garden will help to give street furniture with elegant backrests and comfortable armrests, and do not forget to pick up accessories for the garden at attractive prices. Garden cushions for armchairs and benches will make your rest in the garden more enjoyable. For those who like to sleep or enjoy a tan in the fresh air, we recommend paying attention to the sun loungers, which can be bought in the online store of garden furniture Citymööbel.