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Transport and shipment times

3. Transport and shipment times
3.1 The goods are delivered to the Client on the date specified in the description of the goods, or agreed with the Client individually.
3.2 In case the delivery time does not correspond to those specified in the Contract, CityMöö undertakes to notify the Client of changes in these terms as soon as possible.
3.3 In case the delivery of the goods is delayed for more than 2 weeks, the Customer has the right to demand from CityMöö an additional discount (the amount of the discount is negotiated individually).
3.4 After receipt of the ordered goods in the warehouse CityMöö, the goods are sent to the courier and delivered to the Client, at a time agreed upon with the Customer, at the address specified in the Contract.
3.5 By default, the goods are delivered to the building's access door, at the address specified in the Contract.
3.6 In case of changing the delivery address, the Customer must notify CityMöö not later than 3 days before the delivery date. Changing the delivery address can affect the change in the cost of this service.
3.7 The goods are transferred to the Client on the basis of accompanying documents. Upon receipt of the goods, it is recommended to inspect the packaging carefully, and if there are visible damage, immediately notify CityMöö about it. By signing the accompanying document, the Customer confirms that at the time of receipt of the goods the package was not damaged or in a satisfactory condition and the goods were not damaged at the same time.
3.8 Free delivery of furniture throughout Estonia to the entrance of the house
3.9 Put furniture in an apartment, house or office on any floor - 40€
3.10 Term of delivery of furniture from 2 to 8 weeks
3.11 The cost of building furniture - 50€